Billy Palmer

Research Interests

Billy Palmer

I am interested in patterns of RNA interference gene evolution across invertebrate species, including which genes evolve adaptively and whether different species show similar rates of adaptive evolution for homologous genes. I am also interested in the genetic basis of RNA interference as an antiviral immune response in Drosophila. Together, the answers to these questions could hint at what the driving force is behind the observed rapid evolution of Drosophila RNA interference genes.


When Where What
2014-present University of Edinburgh PhD Research (Evolutionary genetics of Drosophila-virus interaction), supervised by Dr Darren Obbard.
2013-2014 Florida State University, Tallahassee Laboratory Assistant with Wu-Min Deng
2009-2013 Florida State University, Tallahassee B.S. In Biological Science with Honors

Representative Publications

Palmer WH, Obbard DJ, (2016). Variation and Evolution in the Glutamine-Rich Repeat Region of Drosophila Argonaute-2 Genes|Genomes|Genetics G3 g3.116.031880; Early Online June 17, 2016 [bioRxiv from 14th April 2016]

Xie G, Chen H, Jia D, Shu Z, Palmer WH, Huang YC, Zeng X, Hou SX, Jiao R, Deng WM (2016). The SWI/SNF complex protein Snr1 is a tumor suppressor in Drosophila imaginal tissues. Cancer Res.

Lo PK, Huang YC, Poulton JS, Leake N, Palmer WH, Vera D, Xie GQ, Klusza S, and Deng WM. RNA Helicase Belle/DDX3 regulates transgene expression in Drosophila. (2016). Developmental Biology 412(1):57-70

Palmer WH, Deng WM. 2015. Ligand independent mechanisms of Notch activity. Trends in Cell Biology (2015) 25(11):697-707

Palmer WH, Jia D, Deng WM. 2014. Cis-interactions between Notch and its ligands block ligand-independent Notch activity. eLife 10.7554/eLife.04415#.dpuf

Klusza S, Novak A, Figueroa S, Palmer W, Deng WM. 2013. Prp22 and Spliceosome Components Regulate Chromatin Dynamics in Germ-Line Polyploid Cells. PLoS ONE. 8(11): e79048

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