Dhobasheni Newman

Research Interests

Dhobasheni Newman

I am a Research Technician in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Edinburgh working as part of a project investigating genetic variation for fitness in Drosophila. I love insects and am generally interested in behavioural and evolutionary biology, particularly conflicted systems and understanding how coevolution interacts with other factors to influence trait and species evolution. I've researched sexual conflict, but am also fascinated by other systems of coevolution including mimicry, weird symbioses and predator-prey interactions.


When Where What
2022-present University of Edinburgh NERC Grant - Variation for Fitness in Drosophila (with Jarrod Hadfield)
2021-2022 University of Edinburgh BBSRC Grant - Evolutionary parameters in Drosophila
2015-2019 Cardiff University Research Technician/Senior Technician Paleoceanography and Foraminiferal Analysis
2012-2013 University of Auckland Biology Laboratory and Field Demonstrator
2012-2013 University of Auckland Master of Science "Sex on the Beach: Ecology, Sexual Conflict and Evolution in New Zealand Seaweed Flies"
2011 University of Auckland Postgraduate Diploma in Science
2008-2010 University of Auckland Bachelor of Science

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