PhD and Post-Doc Opportunities

If you're interested in working with us, please get in touch. Although funding opportunities can be difficult to find, I am always interested in writing collaborative grants.

If you're looking for a PhD, then send an email with your CV and a one-side covering letter that explains your background and interests in science (1/3), your previous research experience (1/3) and an outline of the work you would like to undertake (1/3).

Current Lab Members

Past PostGrads, PostDocs, Research Assistants, and Visitors

Past MSc and BSc Students

  • Iain Gordon (MSc, March-August 2015)
  • Ryan Imrie (Genetics Society Summer Studentship 2015)
  • Marianne McDonald (BSc Hons student 2015)
  • Robin Morrison (BSc Hons student 2014)
       Then a PhD student at the University of Cambridge
  • Jack Richard-Bollans (MSc, March-August 2014),
       Then a PhD student at the IGMM
  • Jean-Michel Brouqui (Polytech Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Gareth Collier (BSc Hons student 2013)
  • Andrew Mason (BSc Hons student 2013)
       Then a PhD student at Roslin
  • Alex Skotnicki (MSc, June-August 2012)
  • Gemma Murray (MSc, June-August 2011),
       Then a PhD student with John Welch
       | L-2719-2015 | Scholar | ORCID |
  • Emma Hodcroft (MSc, June-August 2010),
       Then a PhD student with Andy Leigh Brown
  • Luke Thomas (BSc Hons student 2009)
  • Sebastian Rous (BSc Hons student 2008)
  • Chris Burnett (BSc Hons student 2006)


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