PhD and Post-Doc Opportunities

If you're interested in working with us, please get in touch. Although funding opportunities can be difficult to find, I am always interested in writing collaborative grants.

If you're looking for a PhD, then send an email with your CV and an outline of the sort of project you might be interested in doing.

Current Lab Members


Past PostGrads, PostDocs and Visitors

Past MSc and BSc Students

  • Iain Gordon (MSc, March-August 2015)
  • Ryan Imrie (Genetics Society Summer Studentship 2015)
  • Marianne McDonald (BSc Hons student 2015)
  • Robin Morrison (BSc Hons student 2014)
  • Jack Richard-Bollans (MSc, March-August 2014),
       Then a PhD student at the IGMM
  • Jean-Michel Brouqui (Polytech Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Gareth Collier (BSc Hons student 2013)
  • Andrew Mason (BSc Hons student 2013)
       Then a PhD student at Roslin
  • Alex Skotnicki (MSc, June-August 2012)
  • Gemma Murray (MSc, June-August 2011),
       Then a PhD student with John Welch
  • Emma Hodcroft (MSc, June-August 2010),
       Then a PhD student with Andy Leigh Brown
  • Luke Thomas (BSc Hons student 2009)
  • Sebastian Rous (BSc Hons student 2008)
  • Chris Burnett (BSc Hons student 2006)
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