Alastair Somerville

Research Interests

Ali Somerville

My research interests span host-pathogen interactions, insect physiology and life-history, and natural variation in pathogen diversity and range. For my PhD, I will be supervised by Dr. Darren Obbard and Dr. Jenny Regan, seeking to identify and isolate naturally-occurring DNA viruses in Drosophila. Through experimental work, I will seek to characterise the impacts of such infection on their hosts, and combined with computational genomics, aim to establish the co-evolution and transmission dynamics of wild Drosophila-DNA virus systems.


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2023-Present University of Edinburgh PhD Student with Darren Obbard and Jenny Regan

Representative Publications

Somerville AGT, Gleave K, Jones CM, Reimer LJ, (2019). The consequences of Brugia malayi infection on the flight and energy resources of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Scientific Reports 9, Article number: 18449

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