Pankaj Dhakad

Research Interests

Pankaj Dhakad

I am interested in evolutionary genetics and genomic studies to gain greater insights into the evolution of lineage-specific genes, rates of adaptive evolution of protein-coding genes, and patterns of positive selection. For my PhD, I will be using comparative population genetic and phylogenetic methods in order to estimate patterns of adaptive evolution of immunity-related genes across the family Drosophilidae. The overall project will be focused on the role of parasites, pathogens, and ecology in driving adaptation.


When Where What
2021-Present University of Edinburgh Darwin trust funded PhD research- Comparative genomics of adaptation in the Drosophilidae
2020-2021 IISER Bhopal, India SARS COVID-19 Volunteer at BSL 2/3 lab facility
2016-2021 IISER Bhopal, India DST-INSPIRE Scholarship- Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Biological Sciences

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